Vending Machines Tell Their Own Stories

Is there anything a vending machine cannot dispense? Recently in Grenoble, France, the local tourist centre installed a machine giving out short stories, free of charge. There are vending machines that sell trainers, and even vending machines that sell prepared salads and fresh vegetables.

We do concentrate on what we know that works, and what people want from vending machines in Stockport and across Greater Manchester. The sheer range of what vending machines can normally now offer shows how successful they have become and how versatile they can be.

Vending machines perform a practical service but they have a very social function. They are can be both convenient and something of a treat – think of the times you see parents buying something for their excited kids from a vending machine.

The convenience of the vending machine extends to both the user and the location or establishment where it can be found. Say you have an office, or a club, or anywhere where people will gather regularly. If you want to be able to provide refreshments are you going to hire a caterer, or employ a full- or part-time member of staff for this purpose? What about a fit-out: will you need to create a kitchen or catering space for all this, and how much is that likely to cost you?

Installing a vending machine does away with the overheads, and concerns about fit-outs and refurbishments. And the thing is, there are plenty to choose from. You can have high quality coffee a barista wouldn’t be ashamed to serve; you can have hot or cold snacks, or specialist healthy food. In effect you can have the vending machine that will fit in best with the culture of where it’s to be located.

If you visit Amsterdam you find vending machines selling chips with salad cream; in Tokyo they sell unusual toys and beer. Vending machines are part of the wider culture and they can become part of yours, depending on what you choose to sell.

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