Vending Machines Have Come a Long Way Since the 1880s

The first modern vending machines in the UK date back to the 1880s, in London, selling postcards. Percival Everitt invented this machine, which soon caught on and spread to railway stations and post offices, dispensing stationery.

Nowadays vending machines are a part of the fabric of any modern city, and the quality and variety of what they dispense is growing all the time. In fact, in Manchester, there has even been a vending machine dispensing trainers – a concept imported from Japan.

In historical terms, vending machines have gone from novelty status to being a familiar part of the landscape, evolving into a modern essential, particularly in the workplace.

Vending machines are far more sophisticated and reliable than they were originally, now designed to meet a range of requirements and to fit different environments. Many modern machines also take card payments alongside cash, which makes them even more convenient and user-friendly.

There are many benefits and advantages that come with installing a vending machine. These include:

• easy to manage – you don’t need to employ someone to sell the items, or look after the money side;

• no overheads – again, no employee required to sell food or drink, and no additional space to prepare and maintain for food and drink;

• time-saving – no messing about with kettles, hot water dispensers etc;

• keep your staff happy – wide choice of snacks and beverages, instantly, and conveniently available;

• increase productivity – no tempting off-site locations for employees, and their demands for drinks and food are easily and efficiently met.

Vending machines are also a great solution for providing refreshments to visitors at venues, or at any location where people gather. It’s a big step forward from Victorian postcards, but vending machines have always proved their worth, and continue to do so.

At Birchdale Vending Services, we work in Manchester and across the North West, providing a wide range of machines; from coffee dispensing to cold drinks and food; water coolers, and healthy snacks.

Talk to us about your requirements, and we’ll find the right vending machine to provide the service you want.

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