Can Vending Machines Help Healthy Eating Habits at Work?

People can spend around 60 of their waking hours in work, so any kind of healthy lifestyle has to include time spent in the workplace if it is going to be meaningful and effective.

Employees are responsible for their own lifestyle choices, but there is nothing stopping employers from doing their bit to help their workforce make more positive choices when it comes to their health. One such choice can be about healthy eating.


How Can Health Initiatives Boost Businesses?

The British Heart Foundation has plenty of evidence of the benefits of having a healthier workforce, which includes:

  • the return on investment for workplace health initiatives can be as much as £34 for every £1 spent;
  • the median cost of sickness per UK employee is nearly £600; and
  • reduced sickness absence has been recorded in over 80% of workplace health programmes.


Many businesses talk about investing in people, in their employees, so why not invest in your employees’ health?


Healthy Eating at Work

Healthy eating habits can have a big impact on the workplace. In terms of personal health, what we eat and drink can affect our weight, our blood pressure, and our cholesterol. Poor diet and being overweight are linked to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Diet affects performance at work. Not enough food, or the wrong kind of food, can lead to sluggishness and difficulties in concentration.

Employers can help their employees make healthy eating choices at work and in doing so, instil healthy eating habits, which will benefit everyone, from the employer to the individuals in both their work and home lives.


Birchdale Vending Services supplies vending machines in Stockport, Greater Manchester and across the North West. We also specialise in healthy snack options.


Vending machines are an ideal way of providing your employees with the snacks and drinks they need to help them through the working day, and we can provide a full healthy vending machine option, or simply stock a higher proportion of healthy snacks and drinks in regular vending machines.


Healthy vending machines can help enormously with workplace health initiatives by reinforcing healthy eating habits. Why not contact Birchdale Vending Services today to see how we can help your employees and your business stay healthy?

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