Can Vending Machines Boost Workplace Productivity?

Productivity is one of the key elements in business success. This sounds obvious, because it is, but actually improving workplace productivity isn’t always so straightforward. According to government figures released earlier this year, UK productivity showed the biggest gap with other leading western economies since records began in the 1990s.

With output a significant 18 percentage points below the average for the other G7 member countries, what can be done? Instead of mulling over grim statistics, think of how little things can make a big difference. Boosting productivity can be about changing a workplace culture, through relatively small but significant measures. One such measure would be to install vending machines.

Does this solution sound too simple? If so, think again: small changes can provide the impetus for something far more significant. Modern vending machines provide a wider range of drinks and snacks than ever before. They can fit all manner of settings and, crucially, they help create a more convenient way for employees to get a drink or something to eat in the workplace.

Creating a dynamic work environment is not always going to be easy. Sometimes the pressure of work, or how workflow itself is organised, can become barriers to how staff will feel engaged and energised. In these situations a staff kitchen or rest area becomes a kind of refuge, with a magnetic pull, enticing people away from their workstations. Now everyone needs breaks, and no business is going to foster a positive, productive culture by being overly strict in rationing break periods. However, the danger is that staff breaks, focussed on a location away from the desk, become subtly disruptive to both workflow and motivation.

This where vending machines can really come into their own. They offer staff a hub where they can get drinks and snacks, and take a deserved break; but they create a less static atmosphere. Because vending machines are about convenience and efficiency, they help reinforce these qualities in the place where they’re situated.

Birchdale Vending Services provides vending machines in Manchester to a range of organisations, businesses and locations. We understand how making modest adjustments to the workplace can bring about changes you might not have thought of. Contact us today and see how we can make a difference to your business.

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