What Are the Links Between Productivity and Snacking?

Are vending machines the enemy in the workplace? Is the danger that ready access to snacks is fuelling the obesity epidemic? There is evidence that in fact snacking can be a boost to productivity at work, and therefore that vending machines can help this happen.


Can We Eat Smarter?

Snacks and snacking do not automatically equate to an unhealthy lifestyle. While it’s true enough that gorging yourself on salty or sugary treats can have a long term detrimental effect on your health, taking a sensible approach to food as fuel can bring certain benefits.

The thing we should all be doing is making smart decisions about what we eat, and when we eat it.

We all know, deep down inside, what we should, and shouldn’t be eating. This doesn’t necessarily make the decision-making about food any easier however, because we are prey to our desire and impulses.

A key way towards developing healthier eating habits is to try and make decisions about food before you’re actually hungry. This allows you to be more easily governed by rational decision-making.


The Right Time to Eat

Don’t let your energy levels drop by lunchtime. If your glucose bottoms out at the middle of the day you’re more likely to want to over-compensate. When this happens and you gorge yourself, your energy levels then dip in the afternoon.

Essentially, before eating your hunger distracts you, then after you’re ready for and afternoon’s doze. Not at all good in a work context.

The solution is to pace yourself, and maintain your productivity in the process.

This is where the vending machine can be such a benefit: if you graze sensibly throughout the day you can keep your energy levels at a good level, and if you’re not starving by lunchtime, or at the end of the working day, you’re less likely to want to overdo it on the food front.

A vending machine at work makes snack food readily available and again, your productivity doesn’t have to suffer because you remain on site, and the whole process of getting food is smooth, quick and easy.

Many vending machines now stock healthier options too, which helps with the drive to keep your energy levels up but your nutrition balanced.


Birchdale Vending Services supplies vending machines throughout Manchester, providing the opportunity for employees to manage their energy levels, and their productivity, and to be healthy and happy at work.

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