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Snack Vending Machines Manchester

Birchdale Vending supply and install Snack Vending Machines across the North West. Areas Covered include Manchester, Stockport, Warrington, Oldham, Bolton, Wilmslow and anywhere in between. We offer short term rental, lease to own and straight purchase options on new and refurbished Vending Machines. In some instances we are able to offer Rent Free Vending Machines (subject to conditions)  If you need  a commercial Vending solution for your business please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Necta Snakky Snack Vending Machine

Our most popular combination Vending Machine provides the perfect solution for many small to medium sized locations thanks to its reduced dimensions and small footprint.

Offering great value for money, the machine has been designed to be banked with a Kikko Coffee machine, to offer a complete drinks and snacking solution. However, thanks to its innovative design and flexible structure, the versatile Snakky can also be banked with other machines, or even stand alone.

 Key Features

  • Flexible layout that can offer both snack, cans and bottles
  • Excellent capacity /size ratio
  • Spiral layout modified according to dispensed products
  • Photocell detection system guarantees that a selected item is delivered to the customer or their money is returned.
  • Quiet operating levels
Snack Vending Machines

Necta Samba Combination Vending Machine

Samba snack machine offers a flexible vending experience to satisfy all tastes and needs by using cutting edge dispensing technologies, Softvend and Multimax. Stylish and contemporary, featuring a LED lit glass front and elegant aluminium side panels, Samba, with its neat and understated aesthetics, looks good in any environment. The ETL system (Electronic Tray Labels) offers additional benefits in functionality, in communication and in the ease and speed with which customers – and operators – can interact with the machine.


  • Flexible layout that can offer both snack, cans and bottles
  • Excellent capacity /size ratio
  • Patented Multimax tray for cans and bottles
  • Special Tray for sandwiches and baguettes
  • Sensor to prevent failed vends
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Azkoyen Palma H70 Snack, Can and Bottle Vending Machine

Azkoyen’s Palma+ snack machine offers customers a no-frills, user friendly snack machine to suit any need. This machine can be used as a snack or combination Machine.The Palma+ has a double toughened glass front for optimal product viewing, along with LED lighting. You also have the option of dual temperature areas, allowing products to be stored at different temperatures to keep them fresh.

Key Features

  • A+ energy rating
  • Optimized LED display lighting
  • i-Detect vending security system
  • Optional cashless payment system
  • Robost, Secure and flexible
  • Dual temperature areas (DT model)

Azkoyen Palma H87

The Palma H87 with its larger capacity is ideal for sites where a greater product variety is required. The Azkoyen Palma-H87 snack vending machine offers every opportunity to tailor the product selection to the particular needs of specific sites through its fully adjustable shelving, wide range of spirals and a programmable thermostatic control system. 


  • Curved glass front and lit product display attracts attention and maximises impulse buys
  • Versatile spiral configuration and tilting trays for easy loading means minimum time needed to install and operate.
  • Own diagnostic system.
  • Clear lit alphanumeric display.
  • Easy access to critical components.
  • Flexible in choice of coin mechanism and payment system.
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Crane Merchant Media 6 Snack Vending Machine

The Merchant Media® 6 is designed to attract the consumer to the machine and inspire confidence. The new customer interface area has been styled in a high gloss, durable finish with LED surround lighting, in either a Keypad or Touch version.

The Media Keypad is designed to make the whole transaction process as easy and intuitive as possible. Users can fill up a virtual Shopping Cart with multiple items and pay in one simple transaction, either via coin mechanism or the optional note reader. Media always gives the user the option to ‘Buy More’ with one simple click driving increased spend.

 Key Features

  • Touch Screen Display
  • Flexible layout that can offer both snack, cans and bottles
  • Excellent large capacity /size ratio
  • SureVend™ guaranteed vend
  • Energy efficiency rating A++
  • Quiet operating levels



Vending Machines - snacks

Westomatic Snackpoint Snack Vending Machine

The Snack point  range of Vending Machines from Westomatic are very versitle. Not only can they vend chilled snacks, drinks and food they can be adapted to vend leisure products such as wash bags sun creams or even tennis balls. The Snackpoint Vending Machine is encased in a Super strength cabinet and is ideal for heavy use locations such as night clubs, leisure centres, hospitals, airports, schools etc


Key Features

  • Anti-pry door surround and vandal resistant keypad
  • Slimline machine depth for easy doorway access
  • Tilting upper product trays for ease of loading
  • Timed programmable periods
  • Near-silent refrigeration system – perfect for offices and noise-sensitive locations
  • SecureVend – guaranteed dispense or your money returned for guaranteed customer satisfaction



Vending Machines - snacks

Darenth Snack Break Mini Vending Machine

The SnackBreak MINI is the perfect partner machine to be installed with any one of the entire range of drinks vending machines from the DarenthMJS range, providing a total refreshment solution. It offers users a wide choice of up to 32 selections whilst still retaining a huge capacity yet benefits from an extremely compact size. The SnackBreak MINI is undoubtedly the market leader for providing a total refreshment solution of maximum choice but compact size.


Key Features

  • Eye-catching and complimentary styling
  • Shock absorbent, padded dispense area
  • Individual price setting for all products
  • Digitally programmable temperature control
  • Slave, coin operated and change-giver variants
  • Near-silent refrigeration system – perfect for offices and noise-sensitive locations