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Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Birchdale Vending supplies new and refurbished Coffee Vending Machines and Hot Drink Machines to clients throughout Manchester, Stockport, Trafford and Cheshire. Our reliable Instant, Fresh brew and Bean to cup coffee vending machines can be either free standing or table top machines.

Free Standing Coffee and Hot drinks Vending machines are the largest units available and they provide a wide variety of Hot Vending drinks. These Vending Machines can deliver up to 15 different types of hot beverages and have a capacity of up to 1200 drinks per day. These Vending machines can be plumbed in or tank filled.

Table Top Coffee Vending Machines can be placed on tables or countertops with a minimal footprint. Available in Bean to cup and instant models these machines can deliver up to 10 different types of Hot drinks including  hot chocolate, Mocha, Latte and Cappucino.

All of our hot drink Vending  machines are available for  rental, purchase, lease or a Free on loan Vending Agreement *Subject to minimum usage. Our range of coffee vending machines can be tailored to suit any business or enterprise in the North-West whether its a factory, Office, School or showroom. Please scroll down for a selection of our current machines.

Necta Astro (Floorstanding)

The Astro is the new medium volume hot & cold drinks machine by Necta. With its curved front door and backlit photographic panels the Astro suits the most design conscious workplace. With the added advantage of taking up minimum floor space. Clearly designed labels selection (with direct or keypad user interface) aid a simple and efficient drink service.

 Key Features

  • 2 different coffees dispensed from one machine
  • 650 Cup capacity
  • 18 Direct selections plus gradual pre-selection or up to
  • Cold drinks option available offering still and carbonated drinks
  • Attractive and sturdy design
  • Back-lit photographic panels and selection labels, easy to customise


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Crane Evolution (Floorstanding)

The Evolution bean to cup (B2C) features the unique CoEx® brewer. This compact solution allows both full flavoured bean to cup selections as well as freshbrew coffee to be produced from a single unit. Now you can savour the aroma and full flavour of coffee brewed from the bean or enjoy a long smooth freshly brewed filter coffee suitable for all day drinking, from the same machine.

 Key Features

  • Produces low pressure freshbrew coffee and high pressure bean to cup selections from single, compact CoEx® unit
  • Versatile CoEx® unit also allows bean to cup coffee selections to be brewed under low pressure
  • Consistent drink quality from every vend
  • Paper cups for that authentic coffee house experience
  • Simple lever operated locking device facilitates removal of CoEx® brewer. Unit can be quickly and easily cleaned in hot water
  • Optional freshbrew tea brewer increases versatility of the machine
  • Market leading solution
Coffee Vending Machines

Westomatic solo (Floorstanding)

Westomatic Solo LX

With the Westomatic Solo Encore LX style and reliability go hand in hand. It’s an affordable and compact beverage machine, combining attractiveness and great tasting cafe style drinks. The Solo Encore LX can offer two instant coffees – regular or decaf – as well as a range of coffee shop style drinks. With an energy management system, it’s the ideal machine for those who want quality on a budget.

 Key Features

  • Compact design suits modern offices that are short on space
  • Fast drink selection makes it perfect for busy areas
  • High specification vending machine, built to last
  • Easy to clean design for simple day-to-day maintenance
  • Wide choice of great tasting café style drinks menu options
  • Clear drink descriptions, for fast easy drink selections
  • Authentic Italian-style instant coffee including cappuccino, café latte and double espresso
  • Wide choice of drink options including two instant coffees (regular and decaf ), freshbrew tea, chocolate, soup or even low cal chocolate?
  • Persoanlise drinks like they taste "at home" with adjustable strength, whitener and sugar levels
  • Up to two chilled still or sparkling flavoured drinks
  • Ingredient pulsing ensures consistent mixing and optimum drink quality
  • Cup sensor allows you to use your own cup or mug

Height – 1830mm
Width – 710mm
Depth (inc. door) – 695mm

Coffee Vending Machines Manchester

Crane VOCE (Floorstanding)

Bring the high street coffee shop experience to your location. Voce Classic offers an extensive range of quality coffee shop style beverages at the touch of a button. High street quality and choice... reliably delivered. Voce Classic is built upon the innovative and class-leading hot drink platforms from Crane.Espresso models incorporate the proven Co-Ex brewer, producing barista style quality espresso based drinks from freshly ground beans.Freshbrew coffee and tea models use Crane's patented Oltre brewer, designed to optimise extraction to produce the highest quality coffee and tea beverages.

 Key Features

  • Voce Classic's menu offers a wide, flexible choice of hot and cold drinks
  • Easy to browse menus... whether you are looking for your favourite drink or something different to suit your mood
  • Attract customers with inviting customisable graphics
  • SureVend sensors detect that there is a cup in the vend area, ensuring you get your drink or your money back!
  • Freshbrew models have the Crane Oltre brewer inside, ensuring industry leading reliability and simplicity, tested to over 4 million vends
  • With up to 800 cup capactiy, the Crane cup drop unit leads the way in cup drop reliability, tested to over 3 million vends
  • Voce Classic is produced with 40% recycled material and is 82% recyclable at end of life


Height – 1830mm
Width – 710mm
Depth (inc. door) – 695mm

Coffee Vending Machines Manchester

Westomatic Sigma Touch (Floorstanding)

The Sigma hot drinks Vending machine from Westomatic has redefined hot drinks Vending. A high definition fully interactive 19-inch touch screen intuitively guides you through a variety of user-friendly menus. Whether you want to treat yourself to a hazelnut syrup shot or add an extra sugar to your flat white, the Sigma Touch offers the same coffee shop quality drinks and extra choice available from the high street. 

 Key Features

  • Intuitive touch sensitive menu selection offers a wide range of menu choice
  • High-definition 19-inch touch screen and fully integrated speakers for high quality sound
  • Dynamic “attention-grabbing” advertising when machine is not in use - helps drive sales!
  • In-built WIFI GPRS telemetry - allowing easy access to sales figures
  • Choose from 7oz (150ml), 9oz (180ml) and 12oz (250ml) paper cups
  • Customise your Sigma Touch and apply your brand or company logo to the touch screen menu via USB
  • Highlight your brand or company logo with a bespoke backlit door panel (optional extra)

Width – 710mm
Depth (inc. door) – 695mm

Coffee Vending Machines Manchester

Necta Krea (Tabletop Coffee Machine)

Krea is the ideal solution for medium to large offices and locations where quality coffee, reliability and contemporary design are paramount. The modern and elegant design is enriched by LED lights, chromium-plated push-buttons and frame surrounding the selection area, with elegant side graphic panels. In addition, the perfectly balanced coffee hopper and waste container capacities guarantee the highest level of operational efficiency.

 Key Features

  • Automatic Wash Cycle
  • Optional 8, 10 and 12 oz cup size selection
  • Stainless Steel coffee filters
  • Compact Size
  • 5 Product Canisters:
  • Ground Coffee
  • Loose Ground Decaf
  • Powdered Milk
  • French Vanilla


Height – 30"

Width – 16.25"

Depth  – 22.25"

Coffee Vending Machines Manchester

Westomatic Signature (Tabletop Coffee Machine)

The Signature Bean to Cup hot drinks machine uses the coffee shop quality and technology developed from our popular Prelude and introduces a NEW easy to use, touch sensitive menu panel. With its LED lighting, sleek gloss black finish and stainless steel features - The Signature will take pride of place in any site.

  • Ideal for front-of-house, public and self service sites
  • Perfect for modern offices that are short on space and big on style
  • Coffee shop quality drinks that compete with the high street

 Key Features

  • Easy to use touch sensitive menu system
  • High performance, paperless brewer technology, guarantees the punchiest espresso and the perfect cup of tee
  • Available in free vend and pay vend models
  • whipping system mixes ingredients smoothly, to produce the creamiest café latte and the richest, frothiest cappuccino.
  • A hot water option also means you can cater for specialty tea bags such as Earl Grey, herbal and fruit tea.


Height –  726 mm

Width – 561 mm

Depth  – 666 mm

Coffee Vending Machines Manchester

Coffetek Vitale S (Tabletop Coffee Machine)

Our entry level bean to cup coffee machine that packs a punch. Small and Attractive the coffee Vitale S is a fully automatic vending machine for coffee services in small offices (OCS), it takes full advantage of the company’s knowledge and experience in the hot beverage vending segment. The result is a small, versatile machine that is extremely easy to use. Vitale can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates with outstanding consistency and quality. A perfect balance of body, crema, aroma and flavour from the first to the last cup. Vitale guarantees the correct temperature of the first service.

 Key Features

  • Up to 7 different product selections: Espresso, Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Chocolate, and ChocoLatte. The instant and espresso versions have hot water for tea and infusions.
  • AquaAroma filters from Brita are fitted to enhance the coffee quality and improve the taste.
  • Chrome plated back-lit selection buttons.
  •  Simple quick change graphics system.
  • Intuitive user interface Blue LCD display to indicate diagnostic information such as low water, coffee sold out and grout tray full.

Height: 590 mm Width: 305 mm Depth: 410 mm Weight: 26,1 kg