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We stock our beverage vending machines with the products of your choice. We can provide can drinks, bottled drinks, water, tea, energy drinks and more for your office or business. Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Vimto, Fanta, Volvic are just a few of the brands we provide.

Birchdale Vending will provide you with a Quality, reliable Drink Vending machine sourced from leading innovative European manufacturers, including N&W, Azkoyen and Crane. Please see below for a selection of our machines.

Necta Tango Drinks Vending Machine

Necta’s passion for smart vending solutions has led to the development of TANGO, the Snack and Food vendor, which will charm you with its flexible allure.

Tango has the capacity to offer a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionery, fresh food, cans or bottles - or a combination of all five.

Simple design and excellent performance combined in a cold drinks vending machine that delivers great value for money and enhances any environment from medium to large locations. Moreover the ETL system (Electronic Tray Labels) offers additional benefits in functionality, in communication and in the ease and speed with which customers – and operators – can interact with the machine.


  • Flexible layout that can offer snack, fresh food and cans and bottles
  • Optimal visibility of the offered items
  • High efficency cooling unit for low energy consumption
  • Excellent capacity/size ratio
  • Sensors installed to guarantee vend or refund
Cold Drinks Vending

Bevmax 4 Media Drinks Vending Machine

The new Crane BevMAX Media is undoubtably the most versatile Glass Front cold drink vending machine for today. It offers 45 selections with 360+ items capacity.

The latest version of the Glass front drink vending machine from Crane is the BevMAX Media. This has the lovely wide product display that lifts sales very successfully and a very simple delivery system to provide years of trouble free operation – delivering product to the consumer from the waist high delivery port. How easy is that!


Key Features

  • Color Displays – Pick from two stunning user interfaces to grab consumer’s attention.
  • Largest Variety – Increase sales and consumer satisfaction with the largest number of selections in the industry.
  • Shopping Cart – Enables multi-product purchases in one, simple transaction. Consumers can pay before or after selection.
  • Nutritional Information – Provides easy-to-read nutritional facts (available for both 3.5” Color Display and 7” Touchscreen).
  • Built-In Multi-Product Promotions – Increase transaction size and drive consumer value
  • Guaranteed Product Delivery – Crane’s SureVend technology ensures product delivery
  • Healthy Graphics – Promote healthy options and increase sales by appealing to health-conscious consumers.
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Azkoyen Palma H87 Drinks Vending Machine

The Palma H series offers maximum flexibility for programming product capacity and distribution, achieved by its two adjustable trays, two temperature options and two simultaneously rotating spindles for vending larger-sized products. The H87 cold drinks Vending machine also incorporates a rear tray for an extra 56 can drinks.

The Palma avoids losses due to the iDetect vend system that increases satisfaction and reduces vandalism. In addition, the collection tray is designed to make accessing the product zone impossible.
The machine is virtually a safe, thanks to its case manufactured from galvanized steel, anti-leverage system, steel buttons and triple toughened glass front.


Key Features

  • A+ energy rating
  • Optimized LED display lighting
  • i-Detect vending security system
  • Optional cashless payment system
  • Programmable expiry dates
  • Dual temperature areas (DT model)
Cold Drinks Vending
Cold Drinks Vending Cheshire

Azkoyen Palma B5 Drinks Vending Machine

The Azkoyen Palma B5, is a vending machine you can rely on.  It has a very robust and secure closed front which makes it perfect for those industrial sites that require a tough medium capacity drink vending machine or one that can fit through a small doorway. At just 620mm deep this machine can fit through almost any doorway allowing you to place a drink machine where others could not .Even though the B5 drink vending machine is not a large drink machine it will still hold 290 cans which is ample for most sites and with some modifications can be set up to take 600ml bottles.It has 5 selections and works best when sitting along side an Azkoyen HZ70 medium snack vending machine. The two vending machines together are a perfect pigeon pair for a medium sized site.



Key Features

  • Great looking 5 select drink vending machine.
  • Able to fit through any standard door.
  • Can be configured to vend some 600ml bottles as well as cans.
  • Easy for customers to use and easy for operator to program pricing etc.
  • Built to last with durable galvanised steel body and anti-pry door surround, steel selection buttons and a three-point door anchorage with high security lock, making it difficult to vandalise and protecting your profits.


Cold Drinks Vending
Cold Drinks Vending Cheshire

Crane Bevmax 4 Drinks Vending Machine

 The best has just got even better! The BevMax 4 is a greener, more reliable and technologically advanced merchandising platform that showcases a large variety of product and reliably delivers it to the consumer every time. The machine is available in two model sizes, 35 select (990mm wide) and 45 select (1181mm wide), increasing its versatility even further. The large illuminated glass front of the BevMax 4, lit by long-life low energy LED lighting, provides consumers with a clear unobstructed view of all products available, allowing maximum sales impact.


Key Features

  • Market leading vend speed - the perfect solution for busy vend areas
  • Vends 500ml bottles on all trays, increasing product selection
  • Tall product pushers reduce the risk of product tipping
  • Trays are adjustable and free of harnesses, solenoids and motors ensuring reliable operation
  • Dual delivery gates provide a truly shimless vending system, allowing bottles and cans of different sizes to be loaded and vended without adjusting the set up
  • Increased vend reliability - fault rate is 1 in 39,000 vends
Cold Drinks Vending
Cold Drinks Vending Cheshire

N&W Sinfonia

Are you looking for a glass fronted vending machine? One that is dedicated to can and bottle products, has a wide glass window to enhance the impulse to buy, has an innovative delivery system, has a low energy consumption and that can resist mild vandalism? SINFONIA by Necta is the answer! Sinfonia shares the same aesthetic design as the Samba, Canto and Festival and is available as a 6 product wide machine.


Key Features

  • New delivery system which dispenses the product in less than 8 seconds
  • Sturdy and lightweight trays which are easy to handle thanks to their slide and tilt movement
  • Automatically controlled door to delivery area, enhanced by LED lighting
  • Energy saving management
  • Low consumption LED lighting
  • Energy efficient cooler unit
  • Product dispensing from trays without the need for motors
Cold Drinks Vending
Cold Drinks Vending Cheshire

N&W Diesis

Diesis is the most innovative solution currently available for dispensing cold drinks in both cans and bottles. Its contemporary stylish design is created to guarantee a user-friendly experience with its intuitive interface. The ease of maintenance helps complete this vending machine, and with its stylish design and elegant aesthetics it is quickly becoming the market’s benchmark for years to come.


Key Features

  • Possibility to dispense cold drinks in all can and bottle formats
  • New compact cooling unit
  • Internal layout with fixed columns with optimised capacity
  •  New ergonomic dispensing compartment
  • Attractive and high impact aesthetics
  • User friendly metallic interface with black poly carbonate inserts
Cold Drinks Vending
Cold Drinks Vending Cheshire