Can Coffee Vending Machines Bring You Health and Happiness?

Korean researchers believe they have evidence that shows that drinking a few cups of coffee a day may help people avoid clogged arteries. This comes from a study of over 25,000 employees undergoing routine health checks. Those who drank a moderate amount of coffee were less likely to show early signs of heart disease on scans. It’s certainly something that’s likely to be talked about around coffee vending machines.

As with red wine, there’s evidence for and against coffee consumption when it comes to health. The one thing the research findings emphasise is drinking in moderation, no more than five cups a day. With the kind of high quality coffee you can now get from coffee vending machines, this is about right: you get the great taste, the uplift, but not the jitters.

Coffee is an established part of working life here in the UK. Anywhere where you see commuters, you’ll also see branded takeaway coffee cups. However, with contemporary coffee vending machines, you don’t have to buy your coffee from a barista: because quality coffee is now readily available at the push of a button.

The branded habit is a hard one to break, but look at it this way: why not help your staff trade in their big cups of branded, barista-coffee during the day for a couple of smaller cups of best-quality vending machine coffee during the time they spend at work?

There’s plenty of benefits here: your staff save money, and time, but still get to enjoy great coffee; you encourage them to stay on-site by providing them with quality coffee with minimum overheads. Everybody wins. Vending machine coffee is no longer the poor relation to coffee bought on the high street, and the taste proves the point.

Birchdale Vending Services provides a range of coffee vending machines for the Manchester area. And if the Korean researchers are right, our coffee could be helping to improve your employees’ health as well as contributing to their happiness.

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